Sikshana Foundation has been working towards strategic and meaningful volunteering initiatives that create a higher impact and greater influence in the growing community of students from Government Schools & Colleges of India. Key aim of Sikshana through volunteering activities is to render holistic development for government school / public school students by providing necessary inputs and opportunities for achieving the set goal. Volunteers engaging with us have provided customized volunteering services for students of various age groups by addressing their specific requirements.

On Site Volunteering

Activity 1: Plantation Drive

Activity 2: School Painting

Remote Volunteering

Opportunity: Mentoring Sessions on 21st Century Skills:

These sessions will be offered to girl students of age group 14 to 18 years. The age of adolescence is usually filled with many girls feeling out of place and questioning every step and decision that they make. Their socio-economically backward societies and parental mindset causes them to have a very low confidence level. There is a necessity for mentors in their lives, who can motivate, nurture their self-esteem and help in enhancing their confidence levels. This role can be taken up by volunteers who can guide the girls in teaching them Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Collaboration Skills and Creativity through regular interaction, assignments and follow up.

Possible Impact: The 4Cs mentioned above are considered to be the most important 21st century skills for making young learners Job ready. This initiative will help the students supported by our initiatives get future ready.

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Opportunity: Mock Interview Sessions:

Research has proven that girls who are educated are much healthier physically, emotionally and mentally. They are more open minded and futuristic in their aims and goals in life. Young women who are at undergraduate levels studying in Govt. Colleges located in rural areas do not get the opportunity to hone their behavioral and communication skills like those studying in urban private institutions. Despite their hard work and good results in academics, college-going girls from Govt. Colleges often miss the opportunities of getting placed in reputed corporates due to their lack of interview facing skills. Volunteers can conduct Mock-Interview sessions for these girls making them more confident in preparing and facing the interviews so that they are made industry ready in their futures.

Possible Impact: These sessions are organized for youth from rural India who need to understand the process of getting their dream job. The volunteers will thus help in preparing these students for success in future interviews.

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Opportunity: ICT Skills Training:

Sikshana has been focusing on inculcating the much-needed Information Communication Technology (ICT) Skills in high school students of Govt. Schools thereby developing their 21st Century Skills. These trainings will encourage to upgrade their learning levels by using technology thereby empowering them to become capable of gaining knowledge equivalent to their peers in private schools. Volunteers can plan and conduct some fun-filled informational curriculum aligned technical sessions that introduces the students to the whole new world of technology. This program enables an engaging learning environment for the learner making the experience more hands on and lasting while also imparting the necessary ICT Skills.

Possible Impact: Most students in rural India lack basic ICT skills such as using word for writing resumes, using PowerPoint for presentations and Excel for basic accounts. They don’t understand the right way of researching through search engines either. Lack of these skills is a big reason why most these students end up getting rejected in a formal labor market. These sessions will help the students prepare for the same.

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